Interior Architecture Project Design and Application

Interior Architecture Project Design and Application

We design and implement useful, practical and aesthetic spaces to meet your interior design and application needs. We are an interior architecture firm that designs new spaces and provides creative solutions, design and functionality to existing spaces. We design sustainable, comfortable and intriguing interiors that are designed according to the person and the place, useful and aesthetic. The services we offer are always tailored to meet the demands of the customer and its target audience. In our interior design projects, we like to design not only design-oriented, but also functional and intriguing interaction areas.

Interior Architecture Project Design

The beauty of the interior is based on the suitability and integrity of the design. When the customer’s needs are met from the designer’s point of view, it becomes complete. For this to happen, a regular exchange of ideas between both the client and the interior designer is required. The interior designer produces ideas about the project, creates a moodboard and prepares a presentation to the customer. After the preliminary drawings are provided, the customer receives feedback. During the design phase, the needs and goals of the customer are determined. Questions about the specific functions of the space that will use the space, furniture and equipment requirements are evaluated. During the schematic design phase, space planning and furniture layouts were developed. Circulation layouts and minimum openings are taken into account and applied to the floor plan. With the feedback received from the customer, the space is rendered in 3d visualization ways. The customer will feel the atmosphere of the project when it is finished and make a better analysis.


It is another stage in the design, production and application process. The production phase guarantees the completion and quality of the furniture. The details of the cut and measurement according to the specific details of the design are important. A representative from the interior designer or workshop checks the measurement for projects before starting production. Babil Interior Architecture, Office Design, Housing & Villa Design, Cafe & Restaurant Design, Store Design, Hotel Design, Clinic Design, Fair Stand Design and applications.


At the production stage or when it is completed, the project team receives approval from the employer to start the installation on the construction site. All production and furniture work continues shortly after the design is completed. Project managers, interior architects and team work together in this process. This ensures that the project is delivered on time. It aims to satisfy the customers by combining all the factors of the space, design and installation factors under a single management.

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